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Building The Foundation will become your life journey. This book is dedicated to inspiring hoopers out there who are curious about learning about themselves.

I want you to be engaged with your most deepest thoughts and to have a perspective of what it takes to get to the next level of who you wish to become. I want athletes to hold themselves accountable for the decisions they make, in to truly understand that when you take responsibility and accountability It separates you from the norm. Once you apply these fundamentals to your routine it will be easy to notice your surroundings of individuals who lack these key elements. This journey will become your life’s work. Remember you are the greatest project you will ever work on.

Wisdom To Take In

To be young is a beautiful thing but it’s also a beautiful thing to be young and wise In knowing when to listen to great information that moves you a little closer towards Building The Foundation Of YOU.

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About the Author

I started 4th Quarter Sports for my love of sports and my passion for basketball. I still remember at the age of six picking up the basketball and never putting it down. The ambition that set in as well as the drive to get better and be the best on the court not only allowed me to excel mentally, physically, and reach my goals beyond.

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