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Proudly Serving The Community Since 2016


 Our vision is to create customized training programs designed to develop young athlete’s mental and physical skills to prepare them for college sports-level activity. 


 Our mission is to teach kids the correct way of training, so they can clearly understand what separates them from being just an average athlete.  Our model is complex in dedication and builds discipline with traits that will stay with them throughout their entire life. When training our students, we make it our priority to teach each and every one that nutrition and getting the proper amount of rest is their top priority.   

About Shawn Quan

I started 4th Quarter Sports for my love of sports and my passion for basketball. I still remember at the age of six picking up the basketball and never putting it down. The ambition that set in as well as the drive to get better and be the best on the court not only allowed me to excel mentally, physically, and reach my goals beyond.

The 4th quarter of any game demands your full attention, you don’t want to miss a single second. Well, that’s why my company is called 4th Quarter Sports. You don’t want to miss a single second to better yourself and thrive to greatness!

Shawn Quan Accolades

  • High School MVP
  • NBADL Tryouts
  • Reno Bighorns Tryout
  • Canada League
  • Certified Personal Trainer