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Facility Policies

Showing up late:

 The facility doors will be locked 10 minutes after training sessions begin. Please text message or call 30 minutes in advance if your child will be more than 10 minutes late.

Health concerns:

 If your child exhibits any cold-like or flu symptoms, please keep them home, text me and I’ll make up the class. If your child has a breathing problem make sure they bring their inhaler.

Weather | Power Outage | Closure Announcements:

 Severe weather or power outages, although rare, do at times force us to close.  We will send out emails in advance to the primary email address we have on file. We are NOT responsible for make-up days due to any natural occurrences.

Parent Viewing:

1. For the safety of your child and others, while your child is in training, please refrain from coaching/ talking to your child as this will distract them and other students from listening to their instructor’s directions.

 2. Smoking, Vaping, and drinking alcohol are not permitted anywhere on our premises. including our parking lot.

For parents of female athletes ages 12 – 15 we ask that you remain in the facility for the entirety of your child’s private session.

Late Payments:

 If payments are more than 5 days past due there will be a $10.00 late fee accrued.

Makeup dates:

 Will be issued within 30 days of your child’s scheduled session date.  Each athlete is allowed one makeup day per 30-day session. Make-up days can NOT be accumulated.  Days missed for sickness or family emergencies are the ONLY days that are eligible for make-up. Social events, family/private gatherings, personal or recreational affairs, ect… will NOT be granted any make-up dates.