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Important Information For Parents

The information below describes 4th Quarter Sports Training rules and regulations regarding parent responsibilities and expectations of complying to FQS Policies. Parents must register their child through our website portal.

  • All trainees MUST be checked in at the front door with a parent or adult at normal training times.

  • Monthly membership fees MUST be paid online by digital invoice or through our website portal. Membership invoices will bill the same day of every month throughout the life of your training sessions (determined by the day you sign up). A $15.00 late fee will accrue two business days past the payment date. 

  • Trainees are allowed two makeup days per month that will NOT roll over to the following month. If a child is ill, they should not attend their scheduled session. In the event of an emergency or any other reason please notify us within 24 hours. Make-up days will only be available due to a trainee no-show or an open slot in another group.

    NOTE: Trainees CANNOT mix groups. If a trainee is in group (A) their make-up day must be a day and time with another group (A). We do our best to give parents the courtesy to pick available make-up days but the final decision will be at our discretion.

  • Trainees are required to wear 4th Quarter brand socks to training sessions that will be issued by pair monthly to each athlete.